Integrated Solar Street Light

Product Description

The integrated solar street light incorporates LED light, battery storage and solar panel in a single unit. This eases the transport and installation process unlike the conventional solar streel light which has dierent units for each part.


• Compact and light weight design
• Simple and fast installation
• Ease of transport
• Dimming effect enables power saving
• High efficiency electronic circuit


Garden light, Corridor light, campus light , society light etc


LED Wattage 15 W
Light Output (average) 21 lux (at 5 m heightand 5 m dia)
LED luminous intensity 130 lumens / W
LED Power 100% for 4 hours and 50% for 8 hours
Pm/Vm/Im 40 W/ 17.1V/ 2.3 A
Battery Details Li-ion, 11.1 V and 17.6 Ah
Autonomy 1 day
Weight 12 kg
Warranty 2 years
Height 5 m
Material Galvanized Iron